Time of Gathering

Thursday Gathering 4-6pm (twice a month); Every Tuesday Think Tank 2-3pm


Every Tuesday at 3pm


455 East Hastings Vancouver Native Health Society POP

Start Date of Club




Robert Chippeway and Richard Teague

Participating Nations and Communities

Downtown Eastside, Thirty different Nations including but not limited to: Cree, Métis, Carrier, Wet'suwet'en, Objibwe, Tallcree, Shuswap, Blackfoot, Six Nations, Gitxsan, Haida, Denesuline, Squamish Nation…


Elder and Knowledge Keeper

Sandy Lambert

 Sandy is a member of the TALLCREE First Nation from Northern Alberta and calls Vancouver home. He has many years of volunteering with non-profit organizations and NGOs, attending/planning/organizing HIV/AIDS conferences, and participating in research committees/projects provincially and nationally. These opportunities have attributed to healthy partnerships and supportive allies for the growth of DUDES Clubs off/on reserve, rural and remote. Sandy believes this is a good way to engage men and to educate in a safe environment on men’s health issues.


Opening & Closing with an Elder, ideally in an indigenous language. Haircuts, Bingo, attend sports games, visit Parks, share Stories, prizes, Internet, TV (sports), annual retreat, health services, public health nurse, clinical counsellor, social worker, men’s health discussion and feasts.

earl DUDES .png

Hike Swɘyqe?! (meaning “cool man” in Musqueam, our saying after every DUDES Club Gathering).


Club Description

In Vancouver gatherings start with an opening prayer from the Elder. Men then play bingo, get haircuts, or watch sports, and win prizes (usually gift cards to grocery stores or clothing). After this, the men all share a meal together that was coked and served by members. A physician facilitates health dialogue after the meal, where the men can ask questions about their health. Throughout the evening the guys have the opportunity to talk to a public health nurse, counsellor, Elders, a social worker, etc. The guys also participate in outings, such as bowling and sporting events. Unique to the Vancouver DUDES club is the use of honoraria: members who attend a planning meeting the Tuesday prior to decide on the meal and activities receive an honoraria for serving and cleaning at the meeting. This system may be unique to the DTES location in part because it has been established since 2010. Elders are also given honoraria. Every August the DTES Dudes Club hosts a Health Fair—a chance for hundreds of men to participate in health screenings for everything from blood pressure to colon cancer. This event revitalizes club membership and helps to start a health dialogue among men of the DTES. 

St Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Canadian Men's Health Foundation, Vancouver Native Health Society, Culture Saves Lives

Partnering Organizations