What do the DUDES Club elders/providers say?

What do the DUDES Club members say?


Members from all of our sites talk about the importance of Elders in guiding and grounding.

Dedication and Committment

There needs to be members in the community who are dedicated and committed to improving men's health in the community


The club must feel safe, non-judgmental, and welcoming to all members. Anyone identifying as male is welcome. Discrimination is not tolerated.


The DUDES Club is a confidential and safe space. Many men share very personal stories. What happens at DUDES stays there.

Community Relationships

This makes it a lot easier to garner support for club activities.


Having something to offer potential members is important—all of our clubs offer a free meal, and some offer prizes or services such as hair cuts or counselling.

Activities and Outings

These are a huge draw for guys—ice fishing, bowling, whatever you like to do! Having an activity every meeting is useful for the men to bond.


It’s important to have a wide array of advertising techniques to reach potential members: word of mouth, posters, an online presence, community awareness events, etc.


Honoraria for the elders is important. If possible, give honoraria to key DUDES (this is valued by members, but not necessary for success).

Support from an organization and community

Organizations may be able to provide room rentals, kitchen services, or cleaning services free of charge or discounted. Organizations will often be able to provide basic necessities, such as stationary and computer access.

  • Our pilot sites have found institutional support through HIV organizations and Health Centers


Look around for funding opportunities! The DUDES can be entrepreneurs, providing services or selling hand-made products. The club can host fundraisers, or apply for grants from Health Authorities, grants from pharmaceutical companies, private donors, etc. Being associated with a HIV/ AIDS organization can be helpful in obtaining funding—and the work we do at DUDES is easily understood as preventive work.


The program is affordable, with some sites running on less than $5,000 per year. Most of the money goes towards food and outings.


Secure a consistent location, day, time, and membership for the club. This helps greatly to build relationships between members.

Health Care Professionals

Having health care professionals present at DUDES Club meetings can reduce health access barriers. If men are comfortable with their health care providers, they may be more likely to access health care services. On reserve this could be a Community Health Nurse/Practitioner/Representative.


Masculinity can be at the root of men not seeking health care - make space to talk about it.


Make connections with individuals who have similar interests in men’s wellness to see how you can collaborate to bring ideas alive.

By men, for men

Everything the club does needs member input. Be present and encouraging when you are with the group.