Sundance Fountain Valley, June 2018

In June 2018, men from the DUDES Club made their way to Fountain Valley (Lillooet BC). The DUDES were invited by dancer, Earl Crow, to attend Sundance in the capacity of observers and supporters. After arriving on XAXLI’P territory, the men were welcomed and exchanged gifts. The men engaged with many activities such as camping, fishing, and harvesting sage medicine. They explored the territory with the guidance of Daniel Finney and ate wild berries, learned the history of the land, looking for eagle feathers, and were shown the many resources the forest provides. They also participated in ceremony and supported the kitchen in feeding supporters, dancers, and drummers of the Sundance. The photos show some of the men’s experience. However, the core of their experience was not photographed, the ceremony itself. This sacred event reached every man who went, and each man carried that personal experience back with them to Vancouver. 

The men were invited to the next Sundance this coming summer, in 2019, by the Sundance chief and are looking forward to deepening their own personal experience and commitment.