November 2014 Pilot Site Visit

On November 17th, several members of the Dudes Club Vancouver embarked on a 4 day trip up to Prince George, Smithers and Moricetown to talk to organizers, community members and stakeholders about launching local Dudes Clubs.

When we arrived at Prince George Monday morning, the weather was a chilly -10.9 degrees C. Luckily, the folks at the Ramada was kind enough to let us into our rooms early so we didn't have to drag our luggage with us while we walked around in the cold doing last minute errands.  Afterwards, the team held a successful focus group discussion with the team from Central Interior Native Health in the early afternoon and another focus group from the people at the Fire Pit later that evening.


The next morning we were excited to find out we were invited to a Potlatch hosted by the members of the Fire pit.  It was an eye opener for the few of us that had never been to one before. Almost everyone from the community even members from the local police department came and participated. The organizers kept serving us with food and gifts that unfortunately we didn't get a chance to take any pictures.

Wednesday morning we took an early flight from Prince George up to Smithers (it was warmer on Wednesday!). The team flew up on a small plane (Beechcraft 1900D) and we were able to see the pilots and the cockpit from the passenger zone.

Once we landed we went to Bulkey Valley Hospital to pick up our friend Cormac and went straight to Moricetown and presented the Dudes Club Vancouver at the Moricetown Multiplex. 


On our last day, we visited the Positive Living North in Smithers and had another successful focus group meeting with the organizers and community members. We were overwhelmed by the great response we had from these guys that it felt like a regular Dudes meeting in Vancouver! Food was well catered for by the organizers Melanie and Steve and it was a wonderful treat to be able to talk to these guys (and girls). It looked like everything is coming together in Smithers and we can't wait to hear back from their progress from their meetings so far.