Introduction to the Toolkit

Want to start your own DUDES Club? Let us show you the ropes. 

This toolkit is intended to be used as a guideline. Each community interested in creating their own DUDES club will be very different. Services, relationships, structures, and other aspects will influence what your DUDES club looks like. Thus this manual provides examples of multiple sites, which are located in diverse contexts: from metropolitan city centers to remote and rural communities. 

The toolkit has been created for use in tandem with the rest of the website. We encourage interested parties to look through the entire website, specifically the history section, the timeline, our mission statement, and the documentary, to get a real idea of what DUDES is all about.

For those interested in an academic angle, an evaluation of our program has been published. You can access it here. The citation is: Gross, P., Efimoff, I., Lyana, P., Lambert, S., Joweski, V., Hau, K., & Smye, V. (2016). The DUDES Club: A brotherhood for men’s health. Canadian Family Physician, 62(June), pp. e311-e318. Please email us if you have any further questions (

We hope that you find this toolkit useful in the creation of your club. 

The DUDES Club team.

How was this toolkit made?

This toolkit was made using a collaborative approach. In total, it is based off 11 focus groups with DUDES Club members, providers, elders, and health care workers, along with 2 interviews with providers. In addition, 150 men were surveyed at the Vancouver site to assess the DUDES Club programming. All of this information was used to create a draft of the toolkit, which was given to members so they could provide feedback before making the document live. 

The toolkit is a living document and is likely to change as we receive more feedback from our members and also from interested parties. 

PDF Version of Toolkit

If you would like more information, such as details on the different DUDES clubs or how to start your own, please check out the toolkit here.

Sample of the toolkit.

Sample of the toolkit.

We would love your feedback on our toolkit - how can we make it better? What was missing? What was really helpful? All remarks are much appreciated. Please use the form below to submit any comments and suggestions you may have.