Drop your armour…you don’t have to be your tough guy here.


The objectives of the DUDES Club is based on the three-pillars:

  1. To build solidarity and brotherhood between the members of the group

  2. To promote men’s health through education, dialogue, and health screening clinics.

  3. To enable men to regain a sense of pride and fulfillment in their life.


Mission Statement:

The DUDES’ Club is committed to carrying out its stated objectives in an inclusive, non-judgmental and holistic way. Underlying the three main objectives is an ongoing emphasis on the importance of respect, brotherhood, equity and spirituality in helping men feel more complete.

We are committed to dialogue, collaboration and teamwork in all that we do. We recognize that trauma, addiction, poverty, social marginalization and chronic health issues affect many of the men in our group and we work to address the structural factors that have a destructive impact on the overall health of men in our community. Members of the DUDES Club are the voice of the project in driving its vision and planning its activities.